Photo exhibition at Hillerød Library

My 10 meter long Photo Exhibition “De Klippede” can be seen at Hillerød Library until September 3th 2012.

“De Klippede” can roughly be translated as “Those who have been cut free from the paper”.

The exhibition has previously has been exhibited at the Hans Christian Andersens Museum in Odense and in Hans Christian Andersen Park in Funabashi, Japan.

De Klippede is a thought-provoking encounter with 10 quirky existences, all of which have been hidden deep inside my paper. After getting a helping hand from my scissors, they are all cut free. Now they move happily in our own diverse world.

It is the photographer Karen Relster from Odense who has taken the 10 photos that makes up the exhibition about De Klippede.

The photo exhibition "De Klippede" with paper cuts by Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen and photos by Karen Relster can be seen at Hillerød Library