Feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing my framed paper cuts, my book, or my folded cards with paper cut motives.

You are also welcome to buy via my webshop on Etsy.

Here you can see what my paper cuts look like when framed. The outer dimension of the black frame is approx. 8 x 10 inches (21 × 25 cm).


  • A framed paper cut: DKK 900 (approx 140 USD).
  • The book about my paper cuts: DKK 90 (approx 14 USD).
  • Folded cards including 4 envelopes with paper cut motives: DKK 100 (approx 16 USD).

USD prices are approx since exchange rates changes over time.

The prices above are exclusively for the products. In addition, there will be an expense for shipping.

Papirklip af Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen