First Paper Cut Workshop in Japan

I was nervous when I held my first papercutting workshop in H.C. Andersen Park in Funabashi, Japan.

It was new for me to cut “live” in front of a large assembly. But when first all these dear little Japanese children and adults came smiling and happy into the room, I became completely calm. And I stayed that way all the way through – even though I cut for the entire assembly for the rolling camera.

I have previously exhibited twice in Japan and there had been great interest in the workshop beforehand. I was overwhelmed by an amazing reception in Japan. My workshop had been sold out for a long time and many more would have liked to have attended, the park’s creative director Takatoshi Shibata has told me.

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Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen in workshop at Andersen Park, Funabashi, Japan