Online Japanese Paper Cut Workshop

My next online workshop will be on October 1st with a Japanese audience. The workshop is organized in collaboration with Funabashi H.C. Andersen Park and Funabashi Municipality.

After several online meetings and lots of emails we a good grip on everything from scissors and paper, to how the technical aspects of the workshop should be. The participating 30 children and their parents must be in the same room in a local community center. We have spent a lot of time figuring out the setup, when they have to sit in the same room, and everyone has to be able to see what I am doing with my hands, scissors, and the paper. Usually, when I do online workshops, the participants sit in their private residences with separate devices, which is a much simpler setup.

All these preparations are now done, and I just hope that there will be enough registrations for the event.

In the meantime, I practice daily to be able to give my introduction and the subsequent paper-cutting instruction in Japanese🇯🇵. The agreement is that I should manage as much as possible in Japanese without an interpreter. If things go completely wrong, one of the employees from the municipality can help in English

I have previously been to Japan and exhibited and held workshops three times in H.C. Andersen Park. Each time has been a great experience, and I hope this first joint online activity also goes well.

Danish Paper Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen in workshop with H.C. Andersen Park, Funabashi, Japan