Japanese Paper Cut Workshop at Brenderup Højskole

I recently did another paper-cutting workshop together with Japanese students from Brenderup Højskole.

The school has a strong focus on interpersonal understanding and building friendships across national borders, cultures, and language.

The Japanese students are at the high school for 10 weeks, where they learn a lot of things about Denmark, such as art, culture and sustainability.

The program also includes a meeting with me as a representative of a Danish way of cutting paper cuts. I look forward to it every time because it’s always nice – and then I also get the opportunity to practice my Japanese language.

At my workshops, the participants learn how I cut the beings free from the paper. Once they’ve learned that, I encourage them to improvise and cut out their very own beings free – without drawing first. The scissors will find their way on their own is my message.

And I think they were good at that🙏🙋‍♂️👍

Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen in japanese paper cut workshop at Brenderup Højskole