Japanese Paper Cut Workshop at Brenderup Folk School

I was asked by Brenderup Folk School if I wanted to do a paper cut workshop with some of the folk school’s Japanese students. Of course I immediately said yes.

It was a great experience and the Japanese students were diligent and did at very nice job with the scissors – and I also got a chance to test my Japanese language skills.

I am quite excited about Japan. I have made three trips to the country, where I have exhibited and made paper cut workshops in H.C. Andersen Park east of Tokyo.

I hope that I can come to Japan again. The last few years I have tried to learn the Japanese language. It is a bit of a challenge. The words are so different and you also need to learn the Japanese characters. So it’s difficult – but also a lot of fun.

Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen in paper cut workshop with japanese students at Brenderup Folk School