New Paper Cut Universe: On the move

Warning – this post is a bit paper cut nerdy 🙂

During the corona lockdown, I – like many other people – had a lot more free time. I spent some of the time developing how to cut my paper cuts.

Normally, I start by taking a piece of paper of approx. 10 × 11 cm. I fold it on lengthwise, after which I cut a figure, which then becomes symmetrical and seen “from the front”. This is the universe I call De Klippede (those who has been cut free from the paper)

To find a new term, I changed the above-fixed framework. I did this by tearing a large piece of paper into smaller completely random pieces that were not square. In addition, I failed to fold the paper so that the paper cut did not become symmetrical. Finally, I changed the perspective from “from the front” to see the figure from the “side”.

I think it might sound unimportant, but these little changes caused some very different cuts to emerge.

I have photographed the new paper cut on their way around the world. It seems that at times they are on a hopeless journey – at times they are filled with joy and happiness.

Read more and see many of the new paper cuts that are on the move.

Paper Cuts and Photo by Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen