Japanese students put the scissors to the paper

Earlier this week I did a paper-cutting workshop together with Japanese students at Brenderup Højskole. I’ve tried it before and it’s always very pleasant.

At my workshops, I teach the participants how to cut the paper cut beings free from the paper. Once they have learned that, I encourage them to improvise and cut their shapes completely free without drawing first. The scissors will probably find their own way is my message. In this way, new, completely personal figures often emerge from the paper.

These Japanese students quickly made some beautiful, imaginative and completely personal paper cuts – please take a look for yourself 🙂

At the workshop I also had the opportunity to test my Japanese language skills. I practice Japanese every day, and it has now given me some kind of basic form. I’m far far from fluent, but I can talk about my paper cuts and give instructions (I have practiced this in advance): Fold the paper lengthwise, now I’m cutting eyes, nose, and mouth, now I’m cutting the hat, etc.

The students are at Brenderup Højskole for approx. two months, where they learn about Denmark and Danish culture broadly.

Danish Paper Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen in workshop with Japanese students at Brenderup Højskole, Denmark