Workshops in Duluth, Minnesota, USA – and a very large lake!

In April 2017, I was in Duluth, Minnesota to exhibit and do paper cut workshops at The Nordic Center. In the photo, I have just got ready for the opening of the exhibition.

The second day in Duluth featured two paper cut sessions at the University of Minnesota Duluth, a hockey match and a lute concert in the evening 🙂

On the third day, I did another session at the university and finally my workshop at The Nordic Center.

The workshop was announced at 3 pm where only 9 people had showed up! I had to start my little introduction, with this small audience. I was reasonably happy at 3:10 pm when 35 had appeared and the room was full 🙂

See photos from the workshop at The Nordic Center on my Facebook page.

I also got to see some of Duluth and the giant Lake Superior, which I had been looking very much forward to seeing. I think it is the world’s largest lake and in some places, it is 600 meters deep. Years ago there was reportedly a species of sturgeon in the lake, that could grow up to two meters long!

See photos from the excursion to Lake Superior on my Facebook page.

Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen before workshop at The Nordic Center, Duluth, USA