Paper cut exhibition at Kolding Library

I have just hung up an exhibition at Kolding Library, where it can be seen from December 1th to December 20th.

I have not been to Kolding Library before, but I must say that it is both big, bright and beautiful.

The exhibition includes 19 framed cut paper cuts people. In addition, a 1 × 1 meter photo by photographer Karen Relster. The photo is one of ten photos that were included in the exhibition “The sound of the scissors’ redemption of the cut people”, which I showed in Japan in 2017 together with Soundartist Robert Cole Rizzi.

On December 1th I will do a paper cut workshop at the library – and you are welcome.

Read more about my paper cut workshops both online and physical workshops.

Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen at his exhibition at Kolding Library