Letter with paper cuts from Japanese school children

The corona lockdown earlier this year, which in many ways was a tough time, boosted my online paper cut workshops with Danish, American, and Japanese participants. So in the middle of this sad lockdown, something exciting happened to me.

In March 2021, I did two Japanese paper cut workshops with a total of 90 children from the Narihira school in Tokyo.

I was curious if it would be possible to demonstrate how to do papercuts using Zoom with 45 students in the same class. The kids, who were about 10 years old, could see how I cut on a big screen in the classroom. I was also excited about whether they would be able to learn my way of cutting, and whether they would be able to find their own expression in working with the scissors.

It was a huge experience. The Japanese school children were incredibly sweet and very diligent with the scissors. After the workshop, the students continued working on their paper cut figures. They did this by mounting them on some drawings.

I just received a package from class teacher Iwata san with the students’ paper cuts and drawings.

There are many fine things, I think. The students’ cuts have eg. been put together with the sacred mountain Fuji san, Tokyo Skytree, nice houses, rainbows, nature, etc. And then there is a yellow cut depicting a Mr. Clausan (who is me I think) – it’s a pretty sweet paper cut, I think.

See some of the many fine paper cuts on my Facebook page.

See photos from the workshop on my Facebook page

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Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen receives paper cuts from Japanese school children